Programme 2019

DocPerform 3: Postdigital
16th May 2019

Venue: ELG01, Drysdale Building, City, University of London
Organizers: Dr Lyn Robinson & Dr Joseph Dunne-Howrie

Artists and Presenters: Abstracts and Biographies
Registration: Via Eventbrite

Please note that the schedule below may be subject to changes.

09.30    Registration (Tea/Coffee available)

10.00    Introduction: Sarah Rubidge

10.15    Keynote: The Experience Parlour: Lyn Robinson

11.00    Break (10 mins)


11.10    Exploring the extent to which sound design enhances temporal and somatic user experience in mixed reality environments: Mark Underwood

11.30    Traces: Hansjorg Schmidt & Nick Hunt

11.50    Preserving Virtual Reality Artworks: Tom Ensom & Jack McConchie

12.10    Trans-Participation in the Infosphere: Joseph Dunne-Howrie

12.40    Summary Discussion: LR plus speakers

13.00    Lunch – Vegan/Vegetarian buffet (demos: Artists & Installations)


14.00    Frictional Forces: Shivani Hassard & Clarice Hilton

14.20    An AR Remediation/Documentation of Our Lady of Shadows: Piotr Woycicki

14.40    Immersive media and the multi-modal document in PaR: Harry Robert Wilson

15.00    Sensuous Geographies: Sarah Rubidge

15.20    Break (15 mins)

Structures and Interfaces

15.35    Documenting Interactivity and Post-Digital Performance: exploring the application of data models and standards for augmented reality performance: Deborah Lee

16.05    The ‘Genie’ is out of the bottle. Who’s got a story to tell? Playback Theatre

16.45    Final thoughts

17.00    Reception – Drinks/Nibbles

18.30    Close

Artists and Installations

Sarah Wingate-Gray: The Itinerant Poetry Library
Hansjörg Schmidt and Nick Hunt: Traces
Rebecca McCutcheon: Affective Bodies in Dynamic Spaces: documenting site-specific theatre practice

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