Proceedings from DocPerform 4 in IJPADM

Following the successful collaboration between the DocPerform team and the DRHA conference for DocPerform 4: Curating Immersive Documents, Joseph Dunne-Howrie is teaming up with Toni Sant as co-editor of a section of an edition of the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media to be published in 2021. The section will feature selected papers from the Situating Digital Curation conference.

The papers will address themes relating to the integration of interactive technologies into live performance and performative forms of documents and documentation. Ideas concerning the uses of big data for the purposes of theatre and performance historiography will also be explored, with a particular focus on how digital technologies can produce knowledge through managed methods of socialisation amongst artists and audiences.

The potential role of archivists, curators, librarians, data analysts, documentalists and other information professionals in the production processes of live artworks will be considered, with a focus on GLAM organisations becoming sites where performances can be activated in new contexts through documentation.

Joseph’s article will look at performance practices that are emerging in the context of Covid-19. He will argue that internet theatre pieces act as documents that record the experience of living through a global crisis in the information age.

More details about papers presented at DocPerform 4: Curating Immersive Documents can be found here.

The DocPerform team are delighted to be working with Toni and IJPADM.

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