DocPerform Webinar: Internet Theatre

Date: February 16th 2021 18.30-20.30

Register: Internet Theatre

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Lockdown has opened up a new frontier for theatre-makers who wish to experiment with expanding the communication space of performance into cyberspace. Shows such as Forced Entertainment’s End Meeting For All frame the grid of screens on Zoom as a collage of encounters between six connected yet distant bodies, each one inhabiting a reality that never fully converges into a communal experience, whilst Dead Centre’s To Be A Machine turns the audience into data subjects by having them present as recorded video footage and as viewers watching the performance as a live stream on Vimeo. Other examples to cite include Gob Squad’s Show Me A Good Time, Nathan Ellis’s work_txt_home, Coney’s Telephone, and Dante Or Die’s USER NOT FOUND.

In February 2021 Joseph Dunne-Howrie will be chairing a webinar on internet theatre. The webinar will explore issue related to those performances that have been created for the digital medium (as distinct from NT and other streaming programs).

The webinar will explore the following themes:

  • The affordances of the internet as a performance medium
  • Audience as data subject
  • Are these pieces ‘real’ theatre or something else?
  • Digital intimacy
  • Writing plays for cyberspace


Elena Araoz, Innovations in Socially Distant Performance

Joanne Scott, University of Salford

Harry Robert Wilson, University of Glasgow

Other panelists TBA


February 2021. Final details TBA

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